the all monika hour

I get kind of sad posting something and knowing its going to push those great halloween pictures to the next page. They bring me so much joy. My only way to remedy this is to add a whole bunch more of monika to make up for it.
Im with Nathalee in the love of Monika. I could have posted 5 times as many pictures - she was just always a little bundle of inspiration .

rica suave-eh

I went away to Costa Rica last week. Aside from those rad 80's looking chains I shot below, I was working so I didn't take too many pictures. That is aside from the 50 that I took of monkeys and a few others here.

crate digging

Ive been searching through old photos, and came across these guys. I had edited these together a couple of years ago and thought why not resurrect them now? I haven't spoken to a few of these people for ages, so hopefully they dont mind the digital representation - but its nice to see them again!


Occasionally I like a few party photos. Occasionly one random one will turn up black and white or something else entirely weird and unintentional - but i think that has to do with drunken photography

burning bears

Niall and I did this thing for an art show at El Kartel where all these artists were given the same blank toy to work with. We did a big photo poster, unfortunately they only displayed the toy itself. Here are some of the photos: