la lune

I shot this while shooting this farm documentary, but I love how it looks totally fake and computer generated

moon from Catherine Lutes on Vimeo.


Finally got to shoot with a phantom camera - hell yes to super slow motion. Please watch and vote and spread this and hopefully I can get paid. Directed by Aleysa Young for Doritos Viralocity

home sculpture

My friend Chris Parker , inventor, builder, designer, left his stick sculpture game at my house - I tried to integrate it in with the furniture. It ended up a bit bigger then in the picture and I was really starting to get used to it when he came to retrieve his sticks

still kicking

the trav

little piece on friend and collaborator Jamie Travis on BlogTO . Jamie talks about a few projects that we have shot together, and some of his ideas behind them.

cold cottage days

couple of fall photos. My dream is to winterize this place one there in the winter when work times are slow. Niall McClelland and Devin Lund

old one for the day