here are a couple old ones from living in a corrugated house with dank sunken dens and shaking rooms

old painting by nicholas pittman, mr show dvd courtesy of awesome

christmas with the kumars

speaking of - miss you buddy

oh brother

as Christmas approaches and I spend it in my quasi home, much different than my last few years of christmas at the Kumars, which I very much grew to love, I wonder what it will be like. I think i am happy to spend it just chilling with my brother

probably hanging out, doing nothing much. Watching some tv and lots of basketball. something like this with a lot less cuddling (my mom used to take some beautiful b&w shots of us as kids):

speaking of brothers, my friend A.J. made this movie in September for the talent lab at the Toronto Film festival and I think its great:

Confessions of an Older Brother from A.J. Bond on Vimeo.

personalized plates

in general, not a fan

heart of the easter egg

Mike and Jane got married this fall inside a giant ukrainian easter egg. This picture looks like a painting to me

this moon also looks a bit like a painting. i like moon photos - stay tuned as i have started compiling my moon photos inspired years ago by awesome vancouver photographer dan siney


glad to have these two around

blow up

bought some polaroid film - so fun but so fucking expensive.

had an amazing boys weekend at my cottage last week. stoked about so many photos i took but dont have time to edit them now - expect to see some in the future. this is a small taste..


bad editing skills today - here are some pics from china. was working with not much time for picture taking so there is a strange passing by feeling to these ones

old new york

just got a crappy scanner, and scanned a few film pics from New York in May. I like how dirty and noisy some of it is.

my camera was a little out of whack - here is a nice double exposure

and here is one of my favourite lighting things - when the sky is black but the sun comes out

this guy

dog handle - some awesome place in BC summer 2007

glitter in your face

it was aleysa's birthday yesterday - happy happy, wink wink

"Paul Pontius" at VIFF

you live in Vancouver? maybe you should go see a film I shot that is playing at the Vancouver Film Festival. Its called "Paul Pontius" and is shot on beautiful B&W 35mm for director Jesse McKeown, and starring Nicholas Campbell. Here are a few promo stills.

“Paul Pontius” will be screening at the Vancity Theatre October 8th at 9:30pm, and
October 9th at 4pm. Totally wish I could be there for this one.

To join the facebook group and watch the trailer, please visit:

and here are a couple of photos i took while location scouting for this movie:

I also was the gaffer on a short called "30 Love" as well as a feature by the awesome Cam Labine called "Control Alt Delete" which i got a chance to see here at TIFF and is pretty funny stuff - so go check stuff out at VIFF.


i was haunted/in love with this a couple of years ago. I thought about it today...now you too shall be haunted and/or in love


just another day at the office

i love my job

and it rained

so many storms this summer - sometimes they were all right by me

the gulls nest

coboconk, ontario


a few old ones - i think about this idea often

sitting on the fence

just for fun - july - toronto

a few more on my Flickr in case this just doesnt fill the void