old photo of the day

PNE this past summer. Carnie Wilson was there - she played "Hold on for One More Day" aka it was pretty amazing

New York Photo Festival

One of my most amazing-est photos will be showing in May at the New York Photo Festival, in the tinyvices Various Photos show curated by Tim Barber. So lets all go to New York in May ok? Take a peek at the photo and press info. It looks like it will be a pretty neat event.

sock stalk

cat photos usually result from being inside for too long and these are no exception. I was recently staying with my bro and his family out in the burbs and one day the kid had to put all her socks in pairs and make a pile of ones that didnt fit anymore. well soon after that the cat with the half tail started taking these socks and distributing them around the house, which totally cracked me up. I started taking photos of these little sock bundles but soon the cat started coming and posing with every sock I tried to take a photo of

old photo for the day

Dan at Cat Lake, BC

a couple things i love right now

I watched this the other day and keep thinking of it - its a short film called "Daybreak Express" by D.A. Pennebaker. This was made in 1953 before he went on to do more documentary stuff like "Dont Look Back". if you ever get a chance to see a non-youtube version I strongly recommend it - so much of the beauty gets lost in the pixelization

another thing is this website called Square America which is a gallery of vintage snapshots and photos, and it is very easy to get lost looking at for hours