sat alone

Cleaning up my computer and found this piece I shot with Candace Meyer a few years ago. Ive always liked some of the things in this very much. It was a promo for HoBO magazine's jewellery

HoBO from brutes mcgutes on Vimeo.

dances with sun

Jamie Travis' "The Armoire" which we shot earlier this year will be screening at Sundance - very excited about this!

many moons

la lune over the years

i just tried to add one of those fancy "after the jump" functions. it refused to work. sometimes the internet and i are not no more moons for now..

j trav

here are a couple simple portraits of Jamie Travis as we were working away prepping for the Tegan and Sara video (see below) in Vancouver. Thanks to Courtenay and Jeff for letting us use their amazing office, filled with beautiful natural light

2 suns, no chickens

some more cell phone snaps from shooting this documentary up on a farm


music video for Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Hell

directed by Jamie Travis, shot by me, wardrobe Toyo Tsuchiya

come and see

finally watched this film - whoa - upsetting, amazing, beautiful, and disturbing.
about the Nazi invasion of Belarus

this is the only semi happy part of the movie. the film has really great sound design - eerie

i hear you kid

took 5 pics in tokyo on my 35mm - here are 4 of them
weird colours, but i kind of like them that way, so decided not to screw around with them

raise the roof

thanks for your help today devin - scanners and dark rooms - yip yip!


playing with new cameras and developing at devins = satisfying. so many more to come.
also a music video i shot with jamie travis coming soon hopefully. I was hoping to use this sort of technique in that video but it didnt work out = slightly less satisfying.

Just the Tip

Jeremy Jansen and Tim McCready put out this super nice photo poster/zine and I have photo on it, along with lots of other great photographers.

If you want one let me know and I will give/send you one!

The Armoire

There is now a website for the short film I shot with director Jamie Travis called "The Armoire", Take a peek . A trailer for the film is available there too.

devin at the devils

a couple more from devils monument. toy camera and devs dark room


Shot a short film for director Spencer Maybee at the Canadian Film Center. Its going to be playing at TIFF on the 13th, 14th and 18th of September - exciting! boobs!

also shot another TIFF short "The Armoire" with director Jamie Travis, which I am so stoked about. we shot a series of shorts a few years ago called Patterns and I was so glad to work with him again. but tickets go on sale this friday, and that one screens on the 14th and 15th - so think about it

***UPDATE - awesome review of "The Armoire" on BlogTO