blow up

bought some polaroid film - so fun but so fucking expensive.

had an amazing boys weekend at my cottage last week. stoked about so many photos i took but dont have time to edit them now - expect to see some in the future. this is a small taste..


bad editing skills today - here are some pics from china. was working with not much time for picture taking so there is a strange passing by feeling to these ones

old new york

just got a crappy scanner, and scanned a few film pics from New York in May. I like how dirty and noisy some of it is.

my camera was a little out of whack - here is a nice double exposure

and here is one of my favourite lighting things - when the sky is black but the sun comes out

this guy

dog handle - some awesome place in BC summer 2007

glitter in your face

it was aleysa's birthday yesterday - happy happy, wink wink