almost time


iphone snap from sunny bike ride to little india

more of those places

Was in Petaluma and San Fran for the Petaluma Short Film Festival last weekend. It is a great little festival in a nice town where they filmed American Graffiti. Also a side note - slide film looks like heavy photoshop.

Ive heard that song before

Here is the film Jeremy and I made last month. We used alot of in camera tricks to create a feeling of uneasiness. So turn up the sound real loud and zone in.

Ive Heard That Song Before from Catherine Lutes on Vimeo.

Rap Nuggets

A while back ago Diego was selling this amazing set of homemade Rap mix CDs in a super nice package with a zine. Rap Nuggets is 1990-94 rap songs and it definitely made my day.