also while I am shamelessly self promoting things I shot - go watch Hotbox on the comedy network online. one of my favorite episodes (ep 3) is online now - for some reason the link goes to ep 1 - make sure you watch 3 ...i like it better! . there are some super funny sketches - home shopping, foley artists, howdy do that... making that show was super fun times

peeee peeee

Here are three spots I shot with director Aleysa Young for a UK detergent company called Fairy. Funny

*** UPDATE - 2 of these spots (pee pee and pen cap) were shortlisted for a cannes lions ad award back in June

Van and Leo

Went to Vancouver a few weeks ago for the 1st time since moving - got to see some of my favourite people and as an added bonus won a Leo Award for Best Cinematography in a short film for Jesse McKeown's short "Paul Pontius" - hells ya...good trip