that damn cup

I have always really liked this series of photos. My bud Niall
and I went for a walk in the rain many moons ago in toronto 2005. And that coffee cup in every pic kinda makes me laugh for some reason

jesse james

Ive been really loving the film "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" and I got a chance to see it on a big screen at UofT the other day. I am so glad because I missed it when it was first out and it is so beautiful. It is shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins, and is incredibly good looking. If you like slow, subtle ,insanely nice looking movies you should watch it.

When Jesse James died they put his body on ice and toured it around. A few pictures were taken that you could aparently buy like souvenirs. I want to find one.

one for the day

Chris and Chloe

Farm hands

Went out to nowhereville ontario to shoot a fun little film a couple of weeks ago. Here are a couple of shots I grabbed of Dan Werb from the band Woodhands - who played a really fun show last week! and Holly Prazoff, a funny fun times comedian...or rather comedienne - they both act in the movie. My friend Vivieno Caldinelli directed was a good laugh