music video for Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Hell

directed by Jamie Travis, shot by me, wardrobe Toyo Tsuchiya

come and see

finally watched this film - whoa - upsetting, amazing, beautiful, and disturbing.
about the Nazi invasion of Belarus

this is the only semi happy part of the movie. the film has really great sound design - eerie

i hear you kid

took 5 pics in tokyo on my 35mm - here are 4 of them
weird colours, but i kind of like them that way, so decided not to screw around with them

raise the roof

thanks for your help today devin - scanners and dark rooms - yip yip!


playing with new cameras and developing at devins = satisfying. so many more to come.
also a music video i shot with jamie travis coming soon hopefully. I was hoping to use this sort of technique in that video but it didnt work out = slightly less satisfying.

Just the Tip

Jeremy Jansen and Tim McCready put out this super nice photo poster/zine and I have photo on it, along with lots of other great photographers.

If you want one let me know and I will give/send you one!