The Good Life

I went to an Indian wedding reception and aside from the amazing buffet dinner, and the abundance of sequined sari's, this was the highlight (thanks Erika!) ;

OK speaking of Kanye West, whom I have a love hate relationship with, he's got some pretty decent music videos these days. He came out with this terrible video for "Cant tell me Nothing" that had this cheesy woman standing with a bunch of cloth blowing in the wind; very reminiscent of Enya. It was brutal and I hated the song because of it....then he went and got this :
and "poof" automatically love him again.
His newer video is pretty great too. Kayne knows how to do it so he goes to the younger hipster crowd and jacks their style. Par example - justice video by directors SO-ME

and then also with art work by So-Me Kanye's new video for "The Good Life":

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Claire (Enchant and Doom) said...

It's my new goal in life to write for Kanye's blog.